Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free to do in Las Vegas

This is just about the most thorough list of free to do in Las Vegas that I have ever seen. This site also has a great free coupon section that can be used by anyone not just locals.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Atlantic City "ain't" no Las Vegas

My over all free stay at Showboat in AC was a positive, however Atlantic City in general should take some lessons from Las Vegas. We ate at 2 buffets while there one at the Trump Taj (used a BOGO free coupon in the American Casino Guide) this lunch buffet was $21. That is not a typo food is very expensive in AC. The second buffet was at the Showboat for a dinner, was $22 but free via a food comp. Maybe its just the way it is there but I found a lot of rudeness, people jumping ahead in lines, touching food with their fingers and NOT putting it on their plates (I actually watched a lady reach in and pick up a roll with her fingers, even though there were tongs there say it was too hard and put it back) blah! It also must be common to eat with your fingers while in line or else these people were starving and couldn't wait until they got to their table. AC needs to put up signs addressing this issue - NO EATING WHILE INLINE - It was not only once or twice that I witnessed it. Ewwww! The dear husband again did better with his gambling budget than I did. I lost my entire bankroll for the two days and he managed to actually win $70 over his allotted gambling money. I found the video poker pay tables to actually be better here than the Harrah's properties in Las Vegas which was opposite of what I had expected. I only hit one quad for the two days (pretty bad huh?). My hubby managed to hit quad aces on a DB .25 game paying him a cool $200 with his first twenty in. That man of mine has the luck this year. Will maybe post a few pics later.