Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 win shots

37 Quads, even hit Quad A's with a kicker and 2 Straight flushes. 21 @ Orleans, 5 @ E. Cannery, 4 @ El Cortez, 3 @ Caesars, 2 @ Terribles, 1 each @ Bally's, Ellis Island, Flamingo and one at a bar near the AMC movie theater Rainbow Promenade. No Royals this trip but I did much better than last year with my daily average being 3-4 hours gambling per day. I came home on the plus side this year. :o)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2010 Show Review

It come to my attention that I had started my show review post from 2010 and never got around to finishing it. Better late than never so here goes:

May 30th: We went to see the NHRA Heritage Series - Rockabilly Rod Reunion at the LVMS, this was a first for me to see drag races. I was amazed to see how fast some the cars went, the fastest one we watched was 240 mph. This is an outdoor activity and family friendly. It was an all weekend event but we only attended Sunday's show.

May 31st: Carrot Top - My husband was excited that we booked this show as he has been a fan for many years. He likes the prop comic acts and we have seen many TV appearances that involve Carrot Top. Our over all opinion of this show was that we were glad that we got to see it however we were both disappointed with his effort to entertain. I know that there is some deviation from show to show in regards to the material and props but we had never seen the show so it was all new to us. There was a portion of the show that he mentioned doing that excited the crowd and we were eager to see it but toward the end of the show he refused to do that part of the act because he wasn't getting the "response" from that audience that he expected. He even cut his act short and left the stage early. We will not be repeat customers to this show.

June 1st: Viva Elvis Was super excited to have booked this Cirque show as we both loved Beatles Love. Going to this show gave us an opportunity to see the new Aria also. We had nose bleed seats for this show and usually that doesn't matter at the Cirque shows that we have seen in the past but this one I would have probably booked closer seats had I known. The show wasn't sold out and the air conditioning wasn't on in the theater in fact it was rather warm in there. I found that the projection of Elvis images in picture or movie reels on the back wall of the theater captured my attention more than the performers did. We had tickets to the late show and this was a long day for us both (up early), we were extremely tired and that was only compounded worse by the excess warmth of the theater. We had trouble staying awake. Yes really we were nodding off. I believe that unless this show is changed it will not last long - just my opinion.

June 2nd: Chris Angel Believe - every review that I read on this show said don't waste your money but I had to see it myself. The magic was minimal and the show really centered around the clown performers. In the middle of the show a VERY VERY annoying warning alarm sounded along with flashing lights constantly for what seemed to be 10-15 minutes. Many people actually got up and left the theater. It finally stopped and the show restarted w/o an explanation to those of us left waiting. I would not recommend this show to anyone, Chris Angel fan or not.

June 3rd: Blue Man Group - We were pretty close to the front for this show and after having a daughter that played in marching band for 5 years we appreciate the acoustic effort. You would think it would be hard to have a show w/o speaking performers make sense but it worked and we both really enjoyed the show, audience involvement and the paper shower as part of the finale was great. They also send a green message and educate in a fun way.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am a member of this site "a place for people who like to play casino games, slot machines, table games". A site for some good gambling info, game info and a little bit of everything related to the gambling world. This site periodically sends me short surveys to fill out (maybe one a month) usually with a cash incentive. I usually fill them out thinking that anything that may help with getting games out that I like, machine designs or comps that I find important. This month I was selected as a WINNER of $100. Woo Hoo! doing the happy dance. Maybe I will play it on one hand of blackjack during my upcoming Las Vegas trip.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Las Vegas trip is nearing

6 weeks from today and we will be in Las Vegas for our yearly trip. I am feeling really lucky this year. Time will tell! As of yesterday we have secured our final room reservations. We are staying at 2 new to us properties this year. First two nights we are staying at Eastside Cannery this is a newly built casino and a first stay for us, they have offered us free rooms we believe due to our visits to their (local to us) sister property The Meadows in Pittsburgh. They are also giving us $20 free casino cash to play on. Nights 3 and 4 we will be staying at, drum roll please..... Caesar's Palace, this too will be a first for us in Las Vegas although we did stay at Caesar's in Atlantic City last fall. I lost a lot there so I hope that Vegas is kinder to my bankroll. Might I mention that I do love Caesar's formally known as Harrah's for their continued room offers w/o the nasty Resort fees. For our final two days we are staying at The Orleans, they have consistently offered us two free nights every year plus a little free play and some restaurant $$. This casino also waves the resort fees on our comped rooms. We have ordered tickets to see The Lion King at Mandalay Bay, these were bought with a discount code costing us a little over $60 per ticket. We are also going to try out the All Stage Pass this year. I will report after our trip with how successful or not it was.

Candy Warehouse - Game night and Card game candy

I found this interesting site that sells Las Vegas themed candy. Thought I would share for those that host poker nights these would surely be a hit! Candy Warehouse

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small local hit

10+ weeks and counting until our Vegas vacation. We went to a local video parlor in WV. Gambling is legal there. I was playing keno nickles and hit 6 of 7 with a 2x multiplier for $120 within my first few spins, one more would have been so nice. Cashed it out and came home. More funds for Las Vegas. I don't play video poker there as the pay scales are so poor 5/4.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I had forgot that I had taken this photo, We made a stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign (see above) and across the street on the right if you are facing the welcome sign is a liquor store. We pulled in and was surprised that the handicap liquor drinkers only get 1/2 parking space. Yes that is a HUGE pole in the middle of that parking space. Second funny in this photo is the guy that stopped walking and posed as I was taking the picture(I didn't know him from Adam). People in Vegas are so funny!