Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010 trip is nearing

I have been so busy haven't posted much of late but with the trip quickly approaching the dear husband thinks I must not be as excited about this trip. O contraire mon ami. We have booked 4 major shows at highly discounted visitor prices. We are seeing Cirque Du Soleil's Believe and Carrot Top at Luxor for $75 for both ($37.50 each). We are seeing Blue Man Group at The Venetian for $65 and using The Summer Of Cirque website we booked the new Cirque Show Viva Elvis (we loved Beatles Love) at the rate of $62.50 per ticket. So the final tally for 2 tickets to each of the 4 shows is $405 making the average ticket price of $50 each. I also got free tickets to The Rockabilly Rod Reunion for the entire weekends events by taking a survey from the LV Motor Speedway. We were able to allow a little more in the entertainment budget this year due to the fact that we had free flights using our Delta sky miles, we have to fly from Ohio to Atlanta first before flying to Las Vegas but free flights (had to pay $10 each security fees), I won't complain. We are staying 7 days, in comped rooms - 2 nights at the Orlean's (plus a food credit and some bounce back cash) - 3 nights at Paris and 2 nights at The Flamingo. I am really loving Harrah's and no NASTY hidden resort fees. I LOVE Harrah's!