Friday, October 2, 2009

Downtown Las Vegas aka Fremont Street Experience

This is a still pic, my movie files are too large to upload. The hubby and I love to go downtown. He actually likes staying down there, I have mixed emotions on this subject. Part of the draw is that gambling seems to be a little better and the casinos are closer to one another, you can walk out of one right into another. The ceilings are lower and therefore smell really smokey. We have stayed in Fitzgerald's, El Cortez and the Plaza (see room pics on the right). Another reason we love to go there is the hourly free 15 minute light shows on the canopy above Fremont Street. The entire street darkens and every casino shuts down there marque lights and the show begins. I recently became aware of a show schedule on this site Fremont Street Experience, we really enjoyed the "Kiss over Vegas" the last time we were there, but we are fans of the band too. We always rent a car while in Vegas so getting there isn't a problem. It would almost be an impossible walk from The Strip unless you were a seasoned walker and have lots of time to kill. I would not recommend walking it after dark. You do have to pay to park if you aren't staying down there. We always park at Main Street Station, pay $2 and then go inside and get the $2 back at the cashier cage. Last time we were there, no one was working the parking lot booth so we didn't have to pay at all. If you don't rent a car here is a Tripadvisor tips page on how to get there, although its dated 2007 its will give you an idea on how to get there. I hear that taking a cab there is expensive. If you are planning a trip to Vegas plan a trip downtown at least one day and evening (to see the show) of your trip.

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  1. I really like the light show and when my youngest goes with me she loves to get her "little" drink to walk around with which winds up serving five people and even that makes us all tipsy. Thank you for the Vegas links!