Thursday, August 13, 2009

Atlantic City, NJ

Although I know it's not Las Vegas, Atlantic City is like a mini Vegas and is a bit closer to my home. We are making a 2 day trip to AC next month Sept 14 - 16th. We are season ticket holders to Richmond International Speedway for both Nascar races and since we are only going to be 5 hours or so away we decided to drive on up. We have been to AC once before and honestly wasn't all that impressed. Made the mistake of visiting Vegas first. Unlike Las Vegas you have to pay to park at almost every casino, dining was VERY expensive and other than the ocean (which is cold that far north) they just don't have the entertainment and things to do and see that Las Vegas offers. You know you can't gamble 24/7. I am hoping to maybe recover some of my losses from Vegas this spring. Harrah's properties has offered us those two nights comped based on our play in Vegas. I am really beginning to love Harrah's.

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