Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 The Price is Right Show review

The Price is Right - I have wanted to attend this show since it appeared at Bally's a number of years ago. Similar to the TV show, this show tries very hard to maximize as many patrons on stage as possible. You actually can win BIG prizes but we didn't have any BIG winners during our show (there is not a default {closest to the price} winner) and "The Car" was not an option the day we attended. You have to sign up at the box office and buy tickets and then you have to wait in another long line to register for the show and get your name tag. I never got called on stage but I did get drawn inbetween for 1000 Total Rewards Points worth about $10. Was an ok show to see with the All Stage Pass but I am glad that I didn't actually buy the tickets at full price. There is an option at the end of the show that you can pay a fee and have your picture taken with the host, model and the big wheel. Pictures are not allowed to be taken during the show.

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