Sunday, February 19, 2012

All Stage Pass

All Stage Pass for $99 see as many shows as you can in a 48 hour period. We purchased our All Stage Passes for $233, somewhere around $35 in fees for the two passes @ 2:35 pm. We managed to see 6 shows in the 48 hours as follows: 5-31 Matsuri @ 4pm, Absinthe @7:30pm and X-Burlesque @ 10pm (wanted to see George Wallace but he was on vacation) 6-1 The Price is Right @2:30pm, Defending the Caveman @7pm and The Improv @ 8:30pm, we could have taken in a 7th (Mac King @1 or 3pm or Nathan Burton @ 4pm) on 6-2 but didn't because we had seen both shows already. You can see a show after your purchase time, if you have the tickets before your pass expires. Show tickets can be obtained up to two hour before show time. This kept us on the strip running fron casino to casino box office, seeing a show or waiting to buy tickets to guarantee we could see the show. We found that we spent a lot in food cost for those 2 days because eats aren't cheap in the strip and very few places offer BOGO's. If you decide to buy the pass I would recommend having a plan in place before actually buying it as the clock starts ticking at the time you buy. None-the-less we are happy with our results for the All Stage Pass as this was out 10th trip to Las Vegas. If you have limited days or you are a first time or two visitor you may not want to invest in this package as it consumes a lot of you valuable Vegas time. Reviews to follow.

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