Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lion King

The Lion King - tickets were bought months before the price increase for around $65 per ticket. I have seen a few shows in Vegas but nothing as long as this show. I understand that its a musical but it was too long (2 1/2 hours) for a Vegas show in my opinion. So long that it required an intermission, that may be okay in NYC but this is Vegas, we have something to do after the show. I am actually unsure why it took so long to tell the story of a cartoon that took 88 minutes beginning to end unless it was the obnoxious overly loud singing that went on and on. Hubby hated it! I was okay with it but seeing this show made me leery of "musicals" as big ticket shows. Maybe I am uncultured but this was not for us. I did however enjoy seeing the animal creatures come to life with human costumes. This show has ended it's run in Las Vegas.

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