Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 Absinth Show review

Absinthe - Wow! This is definitely an all adult show and not for those that are easily offended by the "F" word or sexual innuendo. Show is preformed in a hard sided round tent outside of Caesars. Best I can tell the auditorium seating is on a first come, closest seat basis but I believe that the booth seats (highest and most rear seating) must be extra or tip driven as they had reserved signs on them and the show we attended wasn't sold out and noone ever sat in those reserved seats. Some really talented circus type acts, adult theater and they don't mind if you take non flash photos or record the show. Be cautioned that if you are up front (we were not) there is a couple that preforms on roller skates on a very small stage. Scared me and I wasn't even close to them. Here is a great video NOT taken by me, I would embed but it would take too long click the link if interested Absinth Roller Skaters.

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